Angelina Accuses Brad Of Being ‘Damaging To The Kids’ In Latest Legal Docs

It was one of the biggest celebrity breakups of 2016, if not ever, but it seems the feud between ex-husband and wife Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is far from over.

The former married couple are facing legal battles over the custody of their six children and there have been some very bitter words exchanged in the process.

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Angelina, who spent New Years in the slopes of Colorado with her kids, seems to agree on one thing with Mr Pitt; keeping the documents of their custody case private and away from the public eye.

Yet the Hollywood actress seems outraged by Brad’s claims that she doesn’t have the kids’ best interests at heart, which he expressed in his December 2016 legal documents.

Ange has hit back at her ex-hubbie and father to her children, with her lawyer Laura Wasser telling TMZ that Jolie believes Brad is ‘terrified that the public will learn the truth’, with no clear idea as to what that “truth” really is.

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Since they announced their split, Angelina has insinuated that Brad was abusive to their children, with this supposedly being the main reason the 41-year old filed for divorce after over ten years of being together.

Despite this, Brad was cleared by both the FBI and the DCFS after being investigated for the abuse claims, but Angelina still declares that the movie heartthrob wants to avoid details of the case becoming public knowledge.

Wasser went on to say:

There is little doubt that he would prefer to keep the entire case private… He’s trying to deflect from his own role in the media storm which has engulfed the parties’ children.

The final decision over whether Brad will receive equal custody over their children is still being made. For now a temporary custody agreement is in place.

Jolie has exclusive custody at the moment, with Brad being allowed to see his kids during supervised visits with his therapist.