Kim Kardashian’s Chauffeur Is Among Those Arrested For Paris Robbery

As the enquiry into what really happened last October in Kim Kardashian’s Paris apartment continues, it has now been revealed that the reality star’s chauffeur is among those arrested for the robbery – which is now thought to have been an inside job.

It’s been reported that 17 people are now being held in custody for the attack on the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star that saw her robbed at gunpoint for $10 million worth of her jewellery.

The 27-year old chauffeur, who is yet to be named, drove Miss Kardashian-West, who’s been married to rapper Kanye since May, 2014, around Paris during her visit in October, 2016.

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He worked for an upmarket firm which the Kardashian family always use when they are visiting the French capital.

The police have confirmed that the driver would have known Kim’s every movement that weekend, so was perhaps giving the robbers inside information about where she was.

Authorities are swaying more towards the robbery being an inside job, with the gang of people knowing exactly where their target was at all times.

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The majority of the men accused of the robbery are said to be between 50 and 70-years old, with them stealing jewellery from the model whilst she was in the city for Paris Fashion Week.

The reality star, who has gone on to become a successful socialite and businesswoman, was said to be left completely shaken and traumatised after being bound and gagged by the gang, but thankfully she was left physically unharmed.

There has currently been no indication whether her jewellery has been sold on, with the missing jewels consisting of her 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring worth over $6 million.

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Kim’s barrister who is involved in the case, Jean Veil, is happy with the arrests and the development of the investigation this week, saying:

I welcome this with great satisfaction… it puts an end to the outrageous speculation by some, who thought it was intelligent to pretend that this robbery was staged, or a publicity stunt organised by Ms Kardashian.

The Kardashian sister, who rose to fame in 2007 after a leaked sex tape with American artist Ray J, was alone in her hotel room that night when her bodyguard was out at a nightclub with her sisters.

She was tied up with cable ties around her hands and feet and left in the bath tub, all whilst having a gun held to her head, as the robbers raided her apartment for the expensive goods.

The 36-year old is now expected to watch video footage of the men in hope of making a positive identification.