Armie Hammer & Elizabeth Chambers Baby Boy Is Born

Armie Hammer and wife Elizabeth Chambers have welcomed a newborn son into the world.

The new addition to the family arrived on Sunday January 15, according to People magazine.

The birth of their baby boy comes just one month after their adorable daughter Harper Hammer celebrated her second birthday.

Hammer and Chambers first announced that they were expecting a second child at the Toronto International Film Festival in September of last year.

Chambers, who founded the successful Bird Bakery with husband Armie in 2012, took to Instagram to share the news that she was pregnant for a second time with her 300,000 online followers.

Dressed and ready for the premiere of #Freefire,” Elizabeth, 34, wrote in the caption. “And the premiere of baby Hammer Number 2.


Dressed and ready for the premiere of #Freefire. And the premiere of baby Hammer Number 2!

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The couple were coy to reveal the sex of their unborn baby at the famous film festival, but did insist that the baby was healthy.

The Social Network star then put his hand on his wife’s growing bump saying ‘by the way, this is five and a half months. Can we talk about that for a second? This is me after a big meal!’

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A few weeks later, Armie guest starred on The Jimmy Kemmel Live! show and accidentally revealed the sex of their second baby. ‘We’re thinking Jack… I think I just gave away our baby name? I’m in so much trouble.’

It’s not yet been revealed what the loved up couple have called their newborn son. Hammer did reveal how well his wife takes to pregnancy, saying:

She doesn’t get tired. She doesn’t get sick. She doesn’t complain. She still exercises. She seems like she loves being pregnant and is built to be pregnant. She really enjoys it. She will tell me, ‘I really like being pregnant. I feel great.