Kanye West Begs Beyonce & Jay-Z For Forgiveness

Rapper Kanye West is trying to get his life back on track since his public meltdown in November 2016.

And it seems one of the first things on his list is reconciling his relationship with his former pals Beyonce and Jay-Z, with the 39-year old reportedly making an emotional phone call to the duo and asking for their forgiveness.

During his breakdown, West preceded to publicly shame the famous couple whilst on tour in Saint Barbara.

Kanye, who’s clothing collaboration with Adidas titled ‘Yeezy’ has found worldwide success, accused Queen Bey of fixing her win at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2016.

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He also slated the power couple further by blaming them for not calling his wife Kim Kardashian after she was robbed in Paris at gunpoint in October of last year.

Soon after his meltdown on stage in front of thousands of his fans, Kanye was hospitalised by his doctor Michael Farzam and was diagnosed with a ‘temporary psychosis’.

The 39-year old rapper picked up the phone in an emotional plea to say sorry to his former friends.

He then went and visited Beyonce and Jay-Z at their LA home to talk things over face to face.

A source close to the couple told US Weekly that Jay was very ‘reasonable and understood that Kanye wasn’t feeling well when he made the remarks.’

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Jay-Z appears to have forgiven Kanye for his harsh behaviour towards him and his wife.

But it seems the rap star has had to apologise to more than just his famous friends.

He reportedly begged wife Kim Kardashian to stay with him after his breakdown.

The same source said how Kim has learned to accept why Kanye lashes out the way he does sometimes.

She didn’t realize how much of Kanye’s behavior stems from a mental illness. When he’s doing the things his therapists tell him to do, she is so much happier.

West’s journey to get to a better place mentally comes at a time when wife Kim needs him most, having just recently seen the culprits who robbed her at gunpoint in Paris being arrested for the traumatic robbery.