Madonna Has Applied To Adopt Two More Children

Music icon Madonna has applied to adopt two more children from Malawi.

The Material Girl singer isn’t new to adopting; she adopted two of her kids from Malawi in previous years, David Banda in 2006 and Mercy James in 2009.

She also has two biological children from previous relationships. Lourdes, whom she had with Carlos Leon, and Rocco, with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

Madonna lost a custody battle over her son Rocco, with the 16-year old going to live with his father in London in 2016.

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The 58-year old singer made an appearance in court in Lilongwe, the capital of  Malawi, in order to make the application to adopt two more children from the African country.

The American singer, who has been dubbed the Queen of Pop for many years, has yet to confirm whether or not the adoption rumours are true.

But a spokesman for the government confirmed that the blonde star did indeed appear in court on Wednesday, January 25.

The singer-songwriter, best known for timeless hits such as Like A Virgin and Papa Don’t Preach, flew to Malawi on Tuesday just a few days after she’d taken part in the monumental women’s march in Washington D.C. – a protest against the new President elect Donald Trump.

Madonna received a lot of criticism for her speech in which she declared she’d thought a lot about blowing up the White House, later explaining herself on Instagram and saying she was ‘speaking in metaphor’.

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The Malawi court are set to make a decision on Madonna’s application to adopt two more children from the African county within the next week.

It is clear that the superstar has always had a passion for making children happy.

In an article she penned for Harper’s Bazaar in 2013, she explained,

I decided that I had an embarrassment of riches and that there were too many children in the world without parents or families to love them.

Despite many negative comments in the press about her ability to be an adoptive parent, Madonna has always fought back and proved she’s worthy of the role.