Extravagant Lifestyle Has Left Johnny Depp In Financial Meltdown

Johnny Depp is going through a huge financial meltdown after his lavish lifestyle and excessive spending have left him chasing others for money.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is currently trying to sue The Management Group for owing him a supposed $25 million in compensation, after he believes they handled his finances badly.

Yet the former business managers have hit back saying that Depp himself is the only one to blame for his current crisis.

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His extravagant lifestyle supposedly saw him spending $2 million each month, according to lawsuits papers that have been filed in court.

From spending approximately $75 million on buying 14 extravagant mansions, to a further $3 million when he fired famous author – Hunter S Thompson’s – ashes out of a canon, claiming he was ‘mak[ing] sure his last wish comes true’, Depp has been overspending for some time.

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The countersue argument goes on to claim that Depp is ‘fully responsible for any financial turmoil’.

He has refused to live within his means, despite… repeated warnings about his financial condition.

Deadline website also obtained more information on Depp’s wild spending habits.

They claimed the 53-year old star spent $18 million on a fancy 150-foot yacht, as well as hundreds of thousands on private planes, 24/7 security and buying and importing fine wines from around the world.

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He also “wasted” $4 million on a failed record label that he tried to set up.

Depp’s lawsuits against the company alleges that they failed to pay his taxes on time, which resulted in him having to fork out $5.7 million in penalties.

The Willy Wonka actor had to sell his multi-million property in France in order to pay some of the charges back.

The Management Group still stand by their claims that the famous actor, who recently divorced from former beau Amber Heard, is the primary cause behind his money troubles and that he was always spending more than he was earning each month.