‘La La Land’ Star Ryan Gosling Talks About That Awkward Oscars Moment

It may have been almost a month since it happened, but the La La Land and Moonlight ‘Best Picture’ mix-up still leaves the world of Hollywood speechless.

The blunder is sure to go down in Oscars history; award presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were given the wrong card and therefore announced hit-musical film La La Land as the winners, only to realise their mistake half way through the acceptance speeches.

One of the movie’s star cast members, Ryan Gosling, has finally given his thoughts on the super awkward moment, and it turns out he’s just as stunned as the rest of us were.


In an interview with The Associated Press yesterday, Gosling said,

What can you say? I was very happy for Moonlight at the same time. It’s such a wonderful film. It’s great to see such great work acknowledged.

The 36-year old actor seemed to take the error light-heartedly, with him being seen laughing on stage as the drama unfolded.

Gosling also spoke about his ambitions to get back into directing. He first got behind the camera in 2014 for Lost River, a fantasy film starring his wife Eva Mendes.

It was one of the best experiences of my professional life. I look forward to doing it again.

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He’s currently on our screens in the newly released film Song to Song, appearing alongside Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender.

Since his La La Land success, which saw him walk away with a Golden Globe, as well as being nominated for Best Actor at the 2017 Academy Awards, he has been spending more time with his family.

Ryan and Eva took their two daughters – Esmeralda, aged two, and Amada, who’s just 10 months old, to the Jungle Island Zoo in Miami over the weekend.

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The movie star is set to work with La La Land director Damien Chazelle in the Neal Armstrong biopic film set for release in October 2018.