Oscars Ban Backstage Selfies Following This Year’s Unforgettable Mix-Up

Following the huge blunder at this year’s Oscars, big changes are now in place for future ceremonies.

Selfies are now banned from being taken backstage, with the Academy Award organisers moving forward from this year’s mistakes.

This is one of many steps being taken to ensure mistakes like the La La Land and Moonlight mix up do not happen again.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

PwC partner Brian Cullinan was responsible for handing presenters – Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway – the wrong envelope.

It’s believed he was too distracted tweeting pictures of actress Emma Stone backstage after her Best Actress win.

Cullinan and his former co-worker Martha Ruiz were consequently fired after their unforgivable error.

But despite their employees being the cause of the worst mistake in Oscars history, PwC haven’t been sacked by the Academy.

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The firm have been in charge of the voting system for the Oscars since 1934.

Their staff, however, are now forbidden from taking their mobile phones and tablets backstage to take photos at the event.

Academy President, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, has spoken out about the seriousness of their new protocols, saying,

Heading into our 84th year working with PwC, a partnership that is important to the Academy, we’ve been unsparing in our assessment that the mistake made by representatives of the firm was unacceptable. [However after a lengthy review] the board has decided to continue working with PwC.

The Oscars heads into its 90th ceremony next year, with the governors and body determined not to let another slip-up like this year’s one happen again.


Sources close to the Academy have revealed that Cullinan, the man responsible for the blunder, had been known to use his phone at previous ceremonies.

This year, he was specifically instructed not to, but his love for the limelight and getting up close with the stars of Hollywood led him to be careless in his job.

Cullinan became a balloting leader in 2014 and was increasingly recognised in the industry.

Boone Issacs has called the 89th Academy Awards ‘the most extraordinary and memorable Oscars ceremony in decades’.