Minka Kelly Reveals Her Fashion Conscious Clothing Line That Helps Women Living In Poverty

  • Posted by beth on July 4, 2017

Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly is turning her attention to the world of fashion.

And while we’re used to seeing countless celebrities endorse fashion brands, Minka’s gone for a more empowering approach.

She’s helping to provide a better life for women living in third world countries by providing them with job opportunities they wouldn’t normally have.


The 37-year-old actress is collaborating with fashion label, fashionABLE, to give disadvantaged women a better life.

fashionABLE’s products, from clothing to shoes and jewelry, are all made by women living in poverty-stricken areas.

Talking to US Weekly, the Charlie’s Angels star explained about the fashion-conscious brand,

We’re creating jobs for women. The bags and all the leather is made by women in Ethiopia who are coming out of the sex industry. Our shoes are made by women in Peru… our jewelry is made by women in Nashville because now we work with women domestically. They make jewelry and they’re coming out of homelessness and drug addiction.

The brand that Minka is collaborating with are working hard to fight poverty.


They explain,

We believe that the end to generational poverty will come when people are able to provide for themselves. We believe that social businesses whose aim is to alleviate poverty should use their business skills to create job opportunities for the poor, not give them more charity. What we seek to “give” to those living in poverty is opportunity by purchasing goods from them, and helping those businesses grow and employ more.

As well as branching out into the fashion industry, Minka recently joined the line up for the new PlayStation 4 game Detroit: Become Human.

And her rumoured beau, Jesse Williams, is also featuring in the new video game.

John Sciulli/Getty Images North America

David Cage, the French video game designer, spoke about the new additions, saying,

The character of Marcus is incarnated by Jesse Williams and the woman he is with is Minka Kelly. We were really looking for the right talents to play these roles as they’re very strong parts, very challenging and very emotional… we were just looking for the right actors who would really give their flesh and bone.

Kelly and Williams caused outrage earlier this year when it emerged their romance began while Jesse was still married to ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee.

It’s thought that the lovebirds are now officially an item, although neither have spoken out about their relationship.