Harry Styles Fans Go Crazy Over Hearing His Voice In New ‘Dunkirk’ Trailers

Harry Styles has sent Twitter into meltdown once again.

But this time it’s not his solo songs or fresh new hair making girls swoon. We’ve finally heard a snippet of Styles’ voice in his upcoming film Dunkirk and it’s everything fans dreamed of and more.

The film has released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming war drama.


And we finally catch a glimpse of what the ‘Sign of the Times’ singer has to offer on-screen.

The 23-year old musician takes on the role of Alex in Christopher Nolan’s WWII epic.

His character is a young British soldier in desperate need of rescuing from a French beach that comes under attack by Nazi bombers.

We saw a solemn looking Harry sitting on the beach in the film’s main trailer release but we can now see him in action.


In one of the newly unveiled scenes, Harry is on board a rescue ship and grabs a fellow soldier shouting, “Somebody’s got to get off this so the rest of us can live.”

While another clip shows him casually eating a sandwich with his life jacket on asking someone, “What’s wrong with your friend?”

He’s also heard shouting, “Get off the ship!” in another dramatic scene.

And if the two snippets are anything to go by, it seems Harry’s acting debut is going to be a huge success.

Since the release of the new trailers, fans have been taking to Twitter to express their excitement.

One girl wrote,

I know everyone’s always saying they’ll be annoyed if someone cries during Dunkirk but I’ll definitely be crying of how proud I am of Harry.

While another fan tweeted,

I’m too excited for Dunkirk. Christopher Nolan War. Action. Harry Styles. What’s not to love?

And it seems his fanbase would do just about anything for the former One Direction star.

Harry: somebody’s gotta get off so the rest of us can live

His admirers just won’t be able to hide their emotions when their idol is on screen.

Not joking but I’m going to cry whenever Harry comes on screen in Dunkirk.

It’s been confirmed that Prince Harry will be attended the premiere in London next week.

The royal figure will also be joined by three veterans from Kosovo, Afghanistan and Dunkirk at the event on July 13.

It will finally hit our screens on July 21.