Lily Collins New Netflix Film ‘To The Bone’ Sparks Debate Over How Eating Disorders Are Portrayed In The Media

Lily Collins’ new Netflix film hasn’t even been released yet but it’s already sparking massive debate online.

To The Bone follows the story of a young girl, Ellen, suffering from anorexia nervosa.

After years of unsuccessful treatment programs, Lily’s lead character moves into a group home run by unorthodox doctor, William Beckham, portrayed by Keanu Reeves.


He aims to help Ellen tackle her demons face on and learn to embrace her life.

Yet since the recent trailer release for the upcoming Netflix original, Twitter has been full of mixed reviews over whether the film lends the right message about eating disorders.

A lot of viewers seem to think the movie is romanticising mental illness, something that also resonates with their hit spring series 13 Reasons Why.

Some even think the streaming site is exploiting the eating disorder just to obtain high ratings.

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One tweeter wrote,

Hey haha just wanna say f**k 13 Reasons Why and To The Bone and f**k Netflix for ignoring the fact they’re glamorizing mental illness.

While another concerned fan posted,

I really hope Netflix does it right this time with To The Bone

And the uncertainty doesn’t stop there. This viewer thinks the film will be a bad trigger for those whom already suffer from the illness.

Super apprehensive about To The Bone movie on [Netflix] get that it’s with good intentions, but it will 100% be triggering. Can’t avoid it.

Another tweeter doesn’t agree with how the media have ensured Lily lost weight ‘safely’.

I am disgusted at this To The Bone film coming on Netflix soon and reading articles saying Lily lost weight in a “safe and healthy way”.

But Radio Times writer, Ben Allen, who has seen the film ahead of its release next week seems to disagree with the negativity surrounding Collins’ new hit.

Netflix’s To The Bone took a lot out of me. Heartbreaking, important and oddly funny at times. No glamorisation of eating disorders [in my opinion].

And others are also excited for the film’s release.

I just saw the trailer for to the bone on Netflix with [Lily Collins and Liana Liberato] and [can] I just say this: amazing, great, I loved it, congrats.

A previous sufferer of anorexia told Teen Vogue in an interview,

[The film] reinforces stereotypes about what an eating disorder is and looks like. That imagery is everywhere, and it is actually celebrated in our culture.

Marti Noxon, the talented director behind the upcoming dark drama, based the film on her own previous battle with an eating disorder.

She explained,

[We were] really conscientious in the way we approached how [Ellen] looked, how often we showed her body and in what context. You want to help other people understand and have compassion for something they’ve never experienced, but you also want people who have experienced it to feel understood and seen and to give people hope. At the same time we want it to be entertaining, so we were balancing a lot.

To The Bone lands on Netflix on July 14. Watch the trailer below: