The Theme Song For ‘That’s So Raven’ Spin Off Is Here And Fans Can’t Get Enough

In the day and age of TV show revivals, Disney fans couldn’t be happier to hear that That’s So Raven is joining the list.

It’s one of the best shows to come out of the early noughties and it undoubtedly left a huge hole in fans’ hearts when it came off air in 2007.

But thankfully we can relive our inner-teen again as there’s a spin-off series hitting our screens this summer titled Raven’s Home.

We were hooked by Raven Baxter’s ability to see into the future for four amazing seasons.


And we can’t forget her BFFs Chelsea and Eddie helping her change life’s outcomes along the way, all while juggling normal high school dramas.

Disney have made the perfect decision to put the funny girl and her psychic ways back on our screen, with actress Raven-Symone returning to her much-loved role.

Posting to their official Twitter account, the TV show shared the highly-anticipated theme song to the upcoming series.

And three little words at the end of the opening sequence are making fans feel super nostalgic.

Here’s the first look at the #RavensHome theme song!

Everyone remembers Raven’s “yep, that’s me” at the end of the original series’ theme song.

And as we see her in a different chapter of her life, the famous slogan has been turned into “yep, that’s us”.

Raven’s Home sees her as a divorced mom of two.

And one of her children, Booker, has developed her magical powers to foretell what lies ahead.

They live in a house together with Raven’s lifelong bestie Chelsea, who is also a single parent.

But their lives are soon turned upside down when they discover Booker’s talents.


Twitter has gone crazy over the new opening credit scene.

One fan seems to be emotional over the spin-off’s new tagline.

While the sequel has got other fans feeling old.

I can’t believe there’s a show about Raven having two kids. I feel so old.

And this Disney-lover just can’t get enough.

I really really like the theme song.

Symone is the executive producer of the new series, while Scott Thomas and Jed Elinoff are the writers behind the comedy.

Adam Bonnet, the exec vice president of Disney Channel, previously said of the decision to create the spin-off.

Raven’s brilliant style of fearless comedy was a driving force for Disney Channel’s success around the world. Her performance in That’s So Raven is timeless. We now have our eyes on the future with her, and we’re looking forward to telling more stories for a new generation with an adult Raven Baxter raising her young family.

It will hit our screens on July 21!