Tweeters Vow To ‘Bring Back Obama’ As They Turn Against Donald Trump

  • Posted by beth on July 12, 2017

America is waking up to a whole lot of love for former U.S. President, Barack Obama, as ‘#BringBackObama’ trends on Twitter.

It seems thousands of people want to see him back in the White House instead of his successor, Donald Trump.


People are doubting Trump’s reliability as the country’s leader.

The trend comes amid all the controversy regarding Donald Trump Jr., the President’s eldest son, and his ties to the Russian government during the campaign period.

Donald tweeted of his son’s appearance on Fox News last night,

My son, Donald, will be interviewed by Sean Hannity tonight at 10:00pm. He is a great person who loves our country!

But it seems some people have had enough of Trump’s controversial ways and are missing Obama’s presence.


One Barack supporter tweeted,

What? #BringBackObama trending? I simply can’t imagine why. [Could] it be that he’s more intelligent, kind, stable & eloquent than Trump?

And other tweeters couldn’t agree more.

Impeach [Donald Trump] and bring back one of the top 5 presidents in our country’s history! #BringBackObama

When everyone is surprised that Trump didn’t “keep his word” and is a terrible president #BringBackObama

America truly misses your leadership and the man that you are, sir.

The only honourable, intelligent, qualified, even tempered, respected and legitimate President in recent memory. #BringBackObama

However, some people don’t agree with the pro-Obama hashtag. One Trump supporter wrote,

Nothing could be worse than if we ever had to [bring back Obama]. Gonna take years to undo all the damage he did to this country!

While another tweeter said,

I love reading all the Libtards despairing and hoping someone will [bring back Obama]. He’s gone and so is the corrupt Democratic Party.


Trump is yet to comment on the Twitter trend but it’s almost certain that he will have something to say.