Big Little Lies Has Been Nominated For An Emmy Award

Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman’s hit HBO series has been nominated for an Emmy award.

Fans have been taking to Twitter amid the Emmy nominations reveal.

And it’s clear viewers are over the moon that the show is being acknowledged.


One superfan wrote,

Big Little Lies nominated! I am so proud of my mom Shai and her amazing role friends! #EmmyNominations

And people are already anticipating how lead actress and producer, Reese Witherspoon, will react to the amazing news.

One tweeter said,

Can’t wait for Reese’s cute post about this #EmmyNominations

The eight-part series is up for an award in the Outstanding Limited Series category.

Yet it faces some tough competition from other successful series such as Fargo, Feud, Genius and The Night Of. 

Rumours of a second season have been spreading for a while, and if the success of the first series is anything to go by, it would definitely be a hit.

Witherspoon got Big Little Lies fans super excited in May when she shared an Instagram post of her and co-stars Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern.

She wrote,

Spending Sunday Funday with these ladies… working on some new lies.


Fans can’t help but speculate that the three co-stars are back together to kickstart season two.

In a recent interview with E!, the Legally Blonde actress talks of a Big Little Lies return.

The blonde star, who plays Madeleine in the series, said,

[Nicole and I] have been talking to Liane Moriarty who wrote the book about possibly how these characters could go on. We definitely left it open ended so there’s a possibility.”

Fans of the seven-part series were quick to respond to Reese’s post.

One wrote, “Another season?!?!?! Yes please!!! Obsessed with this show”.

While another beamed, “omg I will be the happiest human ever if this masterpiece continues.”

Moriarty isn’t planning to write another book, yet she has said she’s keen to work with producers on possible story ideas for another series.