Twitter Reacts To Rumours That R&B Star R. Kelly Has Been Holding Young Girls In A ‘Sex Obsessed Cult’

R. Kelly has been one of the biggest names in R&B for decades.

But amid his recent return to the stage, the 50-year old musician is being accused of running a ‘cult’ that sexually exploits underage girls.

Buzzfeed exclusive, written by journalist Jim DeRogatis, reveals some disturbing rumours from the parents of young girls who are thought to be living under R. Kelly’s trap.


The ‘Ignition’ singer has reportedly been preying on young girls by promising to help them succeed in a music career.

He then moves them in to either his home in Illinois or his pad in Georgia, and restricts them from any communication with the outside world, even taking their mobile phones off them.

He is also said to control every aspect of their lives, from what they wear to when they can shower and even forcing them into sexual encounters with him which he then films.

Two parents who’s daughter is believed to be one of Kelly’s victims told DeRogatis about the last time they saw her. At this point, their little girl had already been taken in by the rapper’s charming ways.


The girl’s mother explained,

It was as if she was brainwashed. [She] looked like a prisoner — it was horrible. I hugged her and hugged her. But she just kept saying she’s in love and [Kelly] is the one who cares for her. I don’t know what to do. I hope that if I get her back, I can get her treatment for victims of cults. They can reprogram her. But I wish I could have stopped it from happening.

Three former members of R. Kelly’s entourage have also confirmed parents worse nightmares about his ‘cult’.

One said,

[Kelly] is a master at mind control…. He is a puppet master.

While this isn’t the first time that Kelly has come under fire for engaging in sexual relationships with underage girls, social media is still totally shocked by the latest revelation.

One concerned tweeter said,

Sadly, there are people who will read that story AND STILL defend R. Kelly. because of his old music. Just sad.

While others are more shocked at why parents would leave their daughters alone with the star.

The fact that the parents are saying that they didn’t think that what was said about him was true is a joke to me. You have to be MAD to let your child meet R. Kelly.

And others are pointing out how his revealing lyrics have always been an indicator of his attraction to young girls.

“When you say teenage, how old we talkin?” Told me everything I needed to know about R. Kelly.

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