Fans Think Drake Is In The Studio Recording ‘Take Care 2’

There may not have been a word from the rapper himself yet, but fans seems to think that Drake is about to release a follow up record to his Grammy-award winning album ‘Take Care’.

‘Take Care 2’ is currently trending on Twitter as his fanbase speculate that the ‘One Dance’ artist is working on the sequel.

Fans began obsessing over the idea when a photo emerged of Drake replicating the original Take Care album cover.

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Drizzy took to Instagram to share the snap, and although he didn’t say there will be a follow up record, the similarity of the image with the Take Care artwork is enough to get fans excited.


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One tweeter was quick to post a comparison picture of the original cover with Drake’s latest Insta-post, writing “is he back?”

And it seems fans are desperate to see the 30-year old release a ‘Take Care 2’ so they can hear more of his R&B style.

Take Care, which came out in 2011, certainly gave Drake’s fans all the feels.

One superfan tweeted,

If Drake gives us Take Care 2 I’mma deadass get drunk and call my 8th grade ex girlfriend crying [at] like 1 am talking about the times we had.

And they’re not the only ones to be making decisions on their relationship thanks to Drake’s emotional songs.

Another tweeter wrote,

If Take Care 2 comes out I’m breaking up with my girlfriend and getting back with my ex.

The rumour has certainly made some of his fans happy as they want to hear more of his singing as well as rapping.

[For real] if Drake actually drops Take Care 2 and it’s anything like the original I’ll be listening. That was his last album I liked.

Yet some fans don’t find Drake’s latest post convincing.

Y’all looking too deep into that Drake pic. He ain’t dropping no project anytime soon. Let alone Take Care 2.

And others seem to agree.

FlyLo-Ren tweeted,

Drake ain’t say s**t about no Take Care 2 y’all make up anything and run with it.

While this fan seems to think nothing would ever beat the original Take Care anyway.

Take Care 2 wouldn’t top 1 so I don’t see the point I think it’s just a rumor.

His latest album, More Life, dropped in March and within weeks of its release it had already broken records.

He surpassed his own record of over 384 million streams in the first week, beating his 2016 album Views.