Harry Styles Receives Huge Praise For Acting Debut In Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’

Unlike other celebrities who have edged their bets at acting – we’re talking David Beckham‘s odd appearance in King Arthur and Ed Sheeran randomly popping up in the latest series of Game of Thrones – it seems Harry Styles has taken the whole thing pretty seriously.

His film debut sees him star in a Christopher Nolan film, setting everyone’s expectations pretty high when he revealed his part in the WWII drama, Dunkirk.

Following months of teasers showing Harry looking hot in a soldier’s uniform, the film is finally about to drop in cinemas.


All the know-hows of the film industry have already feasted their eyes upon Harry’s turn as an actor, and so far it’s been nothing but good news for the former One Direction heartthrob.

Styles takes on the role of Alex in the war movie that tells the story of hundreds of allied troops trying to escape the beaches of Dunkirk as Germany advance on France.

And while it has an epic cast lineup – including Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy – what most of us are wondering is just how do Styles’ acting skills match up to his dreamy singing voice?


Critics have so far been full of praise for Harry’s film debut, almost forgetting that he first rose to fame on the X Factor UK.

The Independent‘s review of Styles’ performance claims he is “very competent”, going on to say,

His performance does not stick out like a saw thumb as many feared; you immediately except him as a soldier alongside the infinitely less recognisable others… he is solid and takes the job seriously.

While a GQ review claims,

Harry Styles can actually act: Granted, Harry doesn’t have that many lines in Dunkirk, but then, nobody does in this near-silent, extremely tense war film.


And Empire magazine call his latest venture,

[A]n impressive debut performance, and definitely not the Rihanna-in-Battleship debacle you may have feared.

Fans who have already been lucky enough to see the movie prior to its release agree with the critics reception.

One tweeter wrote,

Harry Styles was surprisingly good in Dunkirk, he could [hold] his own among the best actor.

Another impressed fan said,

What surprised me is Harry Styles’ oscar-worthy performance.

You can Styles in action for yourself from July 21.