Fans Wanted To Buy Tupac’s Love Letter To Madonna From The ’90s For $400,000

She’s one of the world’s most iconic pop stars, so it’s no surprise people are willing to pay against the odds for some of Madonna’s personal items.

But before anyone had the chance to own the ‘Vogue’ singer’s worn panties (ew), she’s taken legal action against popular auction house ‘Gotta Have It! Collectibles’.

They even planned to auction off Tupac’s breakup letter to Madonna from the early ’90s, something the star didn’t even know was no longer in her possession.


And it would have been a hot item on the auction stand, going for at least $400,000.

The impending auction of the late rapper’s love note, along with Madonna’s undies, has been halted by a judge.

Manhattan state Supreme Court, Judge Gerald Leibovitz, ordered the company to pull 22 items off its rock’n’roll themed auction.


Other items on the list included an old check book, personal photos and a note to ex-lover John Enos in which she calls Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone “horribly mediocre”.

A hairbrush containing strands of the songstresses hair is another item she’s not happy about.

Speaking in the court papers, the 58-year old explained her anger, saying,

The fact that I have attained celebrity status does not obviate my right to maintain my privacy. I understand that my DNA could be extracted from a piece of my hair. It is outrageous and grossly offensive that my DNA could be auctioned for sale to the general public.

The auction is still going ahead today, but with many of Madonna’s personal items no longer available.

Madonna fans can still get their fix with old lyrics sheets, photographs and famous stage costumes up for grabs.

The star has been in Malawi recently for the opening of her charity’s children’s hospital.

It’s the first of its kind in the East African country, with daughter Mercy James being the inspiration for the name.

Mercy, as well as siblings David, Esther and Stella, are all originally from Malawi.