Harry Styles Speaks Out For The Final Time Before Dunkirk Release

It’s the film we’ve been waiting for all year, but tomorrow we finally get to see Harry Styles and his chiselled face on the big screen.

And if critics’ reviews are anything to go by, Styles’ acting debut in Dunkirk is going to be a huge success.

Before we all rush out to grab a seat on the front row at the cinema, Harry has posted one final plug for the upcoming film (as if we needed any persuading).


Posting to his 30 million followers, the 23-year old singer tweeted,

Honored to have been a part of this, I hope you love it. Dunkirk is out tomorrow. See it in IMAX. H

And Hazza seems to be taking this acting thing pretty seriously.

Film critics are reportedly so convinced by Harry’s on-screen performance that they totally forgot he was a One Direction alumni.

Styles’ stars in Christopher Nolan’s new war drama which tells the story of the Dunkirk beach evacuation during WWII.

He takes on the role of Alex, one of the soldiers trying to escape Germany’s advance on France.

The Independent claim

You immediately accept him as a soldier alongside the infinitely less recognisable others… he is solid and takes the job seriously.

Getty Images/iHeart Media

While a GQ review says,

Harry Styles can actually act: Granted, Harry doesn’t have that many lines in Dunkirk, but then, nobody does in this near-silent, extremely tense war film.

It’s been a pretty big year for Harry so far, releasing his debut solo album and announcing a worldwide tour.

The heartthrob dropped his solo record in May, showing off his husky vocals and emotional lyrics.

And it seems he’s enjoying time away from his 1D bandmates, embarking on his first solo tour as of September.