They Thought This 18-Year-Old-Dog Would Never Leave The Shelter. Then A Guy On A Motorbike Showed Up And Changed Everything

When a Washington animal rescue center put up a post on Facebook telling the story of an elderly dog who had been dropped off at their shelter in February, they had no idea that it would receive such an overwhelming response. They thought it would be hard to re-home such an old dog. Indeed, they thought she would have to live at the shelter for the rest of her life. That was until the day a man on a motorbike arrived at their center and gave this shaggy old dog story a very happy ending!

She Had No Idea What Was Happening


After eighteen years of loyalty to her owner, Juelp the dog was probably finding it rather hard to understand what she was doing in an animal shelter. Had she done something wrong? This was all very confusing for her. At her age, she should be nice and settled on the couch enjoying an afternoon snooze, not in an unfamiliar place away from the home she knew and the owner she loved unconditionally.

A Very Sad Story

The Dodo

Sadly, there was an unfortunate reason why this poor old dog found herself in an animal shelter at the grand old age of eighteen. Her owner had passed away suddenly. With nowhere else to go, she ended up in the shelter in February 2017. Poor old Julep.