Has The 220-Year Old ‘Oak Island Mystery’ Finally Been Solved By Two Brothers?

Some say a hoard of treasure lies deep within Oak Island in Canada. According to legend, the treasure is said to be guarded over by the ghosts of pirates, and anyone who dares to search for it is doomed to fail.

Those who seek the treasure even risk death, so the legend says, and many have indeed lost their lives trying to unearth it. It’s a mystery that’s intrigued treasure hunters for over two hundred years.

What is the mystery that lies at the heart of Oak Island? And has it finally been solved by two brothers from Michigan?

An Ancient Mystery

National Post

The first mention of treasure on Oak Island dates back to 1799 when a man known as ‘McGinnis’ was scouting a location for a new farm. As he wandered the land, he came across a series of depressions in the ground. McGinnis had heard stories that a member of the notorious pirate Captain William Kidd’s crew had buried ‘two million pounds’ of treasure on the island.

The Search For The Treasure Begins


McGinnis was only too willing to believe the rumor that the island was brimming with a legendary pirate’s undiscovered treasure. Along with two men called ‘Smith’ and ‘Vaughan’, McGinnis began excavating the depressions. Two feet below the surface, they discovered a layer of flagstones. Ten feet down, the three men came across layers of oak platforms that had no earthly right to be there. These were suspicious times, however, and the trio abandoned their search thirty feet down through what was described as ‘suspicious dread’.