Twenty Fascinating Facts About The TV Show Pawn Stars That You Probably Don’t Know

Since its debut on the History Channel in 2009, Pawn Stars has slowly but surely built up an army of loyal fans.

The story of a Las Vegas pawn store and the many unusual items it buys and sells has turned its colorful cast of characters, Rick the owner, Richard ‘Old Man’ Harrison, Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell and Corey Harrison, into international superstars.

The show has also brought Rick and the boys huge wealth alongside fame. Here are twenty fascinating facts about Pawn Stars – one of the most popular reality TV shows on the planet.

They’ve Witnessed Their Fair Share Of Stolen Goods


There have been several legal issues over the course of the show’s fourteen seasons. The pawn industry is no stranger to handling stolen goods, be it inadvertently or on purpose. One noted example on the show was when a woman came into the store to pawn a bag of gold coins. She was paid a considerable sum for them, only for a man to appear a few days later claiming the coins were stolen. He demanded them back, but by this stage the coins had been melted down. The man subsequently sued Gold & Silver for $50,000.

Some Of The Items Customers Bring In Are Truly Bizarre!


One of the most unusual things Rick and his staff have ever been asked to assess was a sackful of skulls. Gold & Silver often gets unusual items brought into the store, such as the time a customer brought in 250-year-old Japanese erotica for appraisal. The guys at Rick’s really have no idea what wacky things they’re going to see from day to day!