When A Hunter Watched His Lost Dog’s GoPro Footage, He Was Shocked

When Tommy Berglund decided to take his Swedish Elkhound Klara moose-hunting in the woods of the Sunne Municipality in Varmland County, Sweden, he had no idea that it would be a decision that would almost cost Klara her life. Tommy strapped a GoPro on to Klara’s collar and headed off into the woods. Suddenly, Klara spotted something in the distance and gave chase. It would prove to be a near-fatal error on her part …

Into The Woods Alone


Klara broke loose from her owner and ran deep into the forest. She was in pursuit of a moose that her owner was hunting. Despite her owner’s frantic calls, Klara pressed on. The GoPro recorded her cocking her ear, listening for the sound of the moose. She had no idea of the trouble that lay ahead.

Klara Encounters A Stranger


Suddenly, Klara is confronted not by a moose, but a wolf! She stops dead in her tracks. She has never encountered a creature such as this before. Is it just another dog out in the woods? She’s not sure. The two creatures eye one another up wearily. Who will make the first move?