Rare And Thought-Provoking Historical Photographs

Ever since French inventor Nicéphore Niépce captured the first photograph in 1826, the ability to give history a visual record has provided people with a much clearer image of the way things were. Still, with the abundance of photos surviving into modernity, there are a great number of pictures that most people have never seen before.

Thankfully, we have cameras now and many of the most important moments in the last hundred years or so have been captured on film, as well as images that simply depict what time was like through recent history.

S.S. Normandie


The S.S. Normandie was seized by US authorities during World War II. After being renamed to the USS Lafayette, it began being converted into a troopship in New York. During this process, the ship caught fire and capsized at pier 88. The restoration proved to be too costly so it was scrapped.

Enjoying A Day At The Beach



Russian Typhoon-class ballistic missile submarine passing close by a beach but clearly these Russian holiday makers think the sight of the sun is even rarer than the submarine!