22 Secrets Producers Of ‘I Love Lucy’ Hid From You

The 1950s American sitcom I Love Lucy impacted the life of scripted television more than any other show ever has.

After a successful six-and-a-half year run, from October 1951 to May 1957, it won five Emmys in total and broke many records.


It was the first scripted TV show to use a 35mm film in front of a live studio audience. It was also the first ever show to use a three-camera format.

But these weren’t the only firsts from the series – from huge business deals that broke the industry to behind-the-scenes feuds that shocked everyone, there are some crazy fun facts about the show that the producers never told us.

1. 300 Audience Members

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The show was shot from start to finish with very few retakes, and the 300 audience members sat and watched it all unfold live. Lead actress Lucille Ball apparently worked best when performing in front of real people. The cast rehearsed their scenes thoroughly before shooting to try and get it all in one take.