This Self-Taught Polish Cosplayer’s Remarkable Transformations Have To Be Seen To Be Believed!

Astonishingly, Polish-born special effects (SFX) artist Justyna ‘Sosenka’ Sosnowska only started cosplaying and learning SFX makeup and prosthesis a mere three years ago.

In that time, she’s gone from being a complete amateur to one of the best in the business. Her recreations of characters from everything from Game of Thrones to Disney movies to computer games have stunned the Internet, and she now has a huge following on Instagram.

It’s not hard to see why. Thanks to a keen eye and enormous skill, she is able to recreate just about any  character you care to mention. Sometimes, her cosplaying is so good, you could be mistaken for thinking you’re looking at the real thing!

A Very Talented Lady

Bored Panda

There’s a touch of the Angelina Jolie about Justyna. But being able to look like just one famous celebrity was never going to be enough for this amazing young woman from Poland. Through sheer force of will and oodles of determination, she has turned cosplaying into nothing short of an art form. Let’s take a look at some her most startling recreations…

The Mad Hatter – Alice In Wonderland


Tim Burton’s 2010 big screen adaptation of Alice in Wonderland put an entirely new spin on the timeless Lewis Carroll masterpiece. Here, Justyna has brought all her skills to bear recreating Johnny Depp’s iconic character, The Mad Hatter. With her sparkling green eyes and shock of bright orange hair, it’s hard to distinguish her from the real thing!