A Haunting Hidden World From WWI Trenches Has Been Discovered

As with any event in history, it’s true that facts remain to come to light…sometimes even decades later. And with the intensity and tragic nature of World War I, it’s no wonder that we are continuously learning new theories and things regarding the dark period.

But while many of us already have extensive knowledge about the events that took place above ground, there is still an entire underground world that existed in quarry in northeast France.

See the haunting images, captured by Jeff Gusky, and learn about the happenings that took place in the forgotten world of caverns and quarries, here.

The Entrance

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Finding the entrance to a world unknown was surely a chilling experience. It was described as a “wet hole no bigger than an animal burrow.”

Getting Around

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Once inside, Gusky and his accompanying crew sometimes had to crawl on hands and knees in order to navigate their way.