When This Koala Bear Turned Up On The Porch Covered In Prickles, The Homeowner Knew He Had To Act Fast!

When a technology consultant from South Australia spotted a koala sitting on his porch, he wasn’t surprised. However, when he took a closer look at it and realized it was in a considerable amount of discomfort, what he did next stunned, amazed and delighted the whole world. Bruce Atkinson’s video of what happened that day became a global viral sensation. And when you hear his incredible story, you’ll understand why!

Bruce’s Little Visitor


It wasn’t the first time Bruce had encountered a koala. Indeed, they were quite frequent visitors to his porch. However, what made this particular furry little critter stand out were the burrs that covered huge sections of its body. Bruce realized they must be quite irritating, and decided he needed to do something to help the little guy.

A Coastal Location


Bruce is a 63-year-old technology consultant who works in Australia’s nuclear industry. His home is situated in the pretty little seaside town of Apollo Bay in the southern Australian state of Victoria. The area is teeming with wildlife, in particular marsupials.