Time Was Running Out For This Dog, Then A Ex-Military Man Discovered Him

Dogs really are man’s best friend. No matter what happens they’re always their to greet you at the end of the day with a wagging tail.

The dog in the following story had the odds stacked against her and was the victim of a pretty horrific ordeal – until one man became her hero.

The story began in Chandler, Arizona when Hayley Miller was enjoying a night at the theatre when she got a phone call saying something terrible had happened to her dog.



Hayley had left her dog Ginger at home in the garden to play whilst she was out. However Ginger soon became bored and decided to dig a hole by the garden fence and get into the neighbours garden.


Ginger’s owner was still at the theatre, completely oblivious to what her dog was doing at home. This wasn’t the first time Ginger had got under the fence, it was in fact the third time she had escaped. Ginger was exploring her new surroundings, wagging her tail, taking in the new smells in her neighbours garden. The pup was completely oblivious to the act of animal cruelty that was about to occur.