21 Abandoned Military Bases That Will Leave You Astounded

Military bases and installations are built to accommodate one or more units and provide a training ground, meaning that they are only in use for a few years or so.

Since the first World War, many abandoned military bases have been discovered across the world.

Some were left unused to eventually fall to the ground, some were lost during conflict, whilst others were left evacuated as the unit moved on to a new destination.

The following 21 abandoned military bases are proof that, although wars don’t last forever, the buildings left behind do.

Devil’s Peak, California Bunker


The bunker was built during World War II as a triangulation and observing station, as part of other bigger buildings and facilities. Although it was once used by watchers to spot enemies out at sea, the entire site was abandoned in 1949 as more modern missile defences rendered this bunker and its technology as outdated.

Carlstrom Field


This former military airfield was one of 32 Air Service training camps established in 1917 after the United States entry into World War I. It is located 6.4 miles (10.3 km) southwest of Arcadia, Florida.