Her Duty Done, This Former US Marine Is Now Living Life To The Full As A Model

Many former service personnel struggle to fit back into civilian life after they leave the military. The skills they learn while serving their country don’t necessarily match those needed outside of it, meaning life can often be hard when they’re starting out on a post-military career. That wasn’t the case for small town girl Shannon Ihrke. Thanks to her unshakable will and steely determination, Shannon was able to find fame, fortune and even love after leaving the bosom of the US Marine Corps. Here is her incredible story.

Just A Small Town Girl

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Shannon was born and raised in the rural Minnesota town of Walker. This country girl learned from an early age to fend for herself, and as she grew up she mastered horse riding, fishing, kayacking and hunting. Never a girly girl, Shannon considered herself ‘one of the boys’ back then. That was something that would influence her career choice when she became a woman.

Was College The Right Thing To Do?

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After she graduated from high school, Shannon enrolled at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota studying for a degree in marketing. Shannon found it hard to make ends meet on her student loan, so took on a job to pay her way. However, this job wasn’t enough, so she took on a second job. Exhausted and still only just keeping her head above water, Shannon began to doubt whether all this effort and expense was worth it.