27 Amish Facts That Most People Don’t Know

There are all kinds of communities and cultures throughout the world, some of which we know very little about as they live in secluded areas, forests or islands.

Amish people, despite living in the western world, refuse to use the modern technology that the rest of us are accustomed to.

Why? Well, it’s mainly due to their religion – they are a traditionalist Christian church with Swiss Anabaptist origins.

And whilst many people know of Amish people, there are plenty of things they don’t know about them, from the way they dress and their way of life. Find out some interesting facts below…


1. They Remain Low-Tech

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Amish people choose to limit their use of electricity, only using it when it’s necessary – the most conservative sects shun it completely. They believe the earth should be left as close to how God created it.

2. They Speak Three Languages

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They speak English in schools and business, German when conducting religious services and everyday affairs take place in Pennsylvania Dutch.