Twenty People Who Must Be Forgiven Their Sins For They Know Not What They Do

Some people just haven’t got a clue what they’re doing. Whether they’re sending dirty texts to the wrong people, failing to follow very simple instructions or somehow managing to burn their house to the ground while making a milkshake, some people just fail hard.

We’re talking about the sort of people who would burn a boiled egg here.

But let’s not be mean. These people fail simply because they haven’t the first idea what the right thing is to do. It’s not really their fault, and thus they have to be forgiven.

Here are twenty people who must be forgiven their sins for they know not what they do!

Junk To Mom Landing In 3 … 2 …


Sending racy pictures is pretty much par for the course with the younger generation. Be careful, though. As this photo proves, you never know who’s going to see your intimate shots. Mom got quite a shock when she saw her daughter’s boyfriend’s latest photo. But not as much of a shock as he got!

Interesting Interpretation Of On The Side


When this lady went into Taco Bell and asked for sour cream on the side, she expected a little tub of the stuff. What she got instead was literally what she asked for. Nice one, Taco Bell employee. You are forgiven because you clearly know not what you do!