The True Story Behind American Chopper

American Chopper was one of the first of its kind – a reality TV show about a family business making chopper motorcycles. Who knew that this concept would prove to be so wildly successful.

The Teutul family cast, with its drama, funny moments, intense engineering, and awesome rides became a massive hit for Discovery Channel. American Chopper made huge stars of its owner Paul Teutul Sr. and his two sons, Paul Jr. and Mikey but it also led to numerous meltdowns, lawsuits and family arguments.

It’s now back on our screens and the scars are still showing from all the years of arguing and fighting.


Despite the show accurately portraying the family and shop dynamics, there is still a lot that went on behind the scenes, such as…

It really created a new era of reality shows


American Chopper was one of the first reality TV shows that followed normal people in their average, day to day lives. However, the show really set the bar super high due to it’s drama, fighting, cursive language, and awesome engineering with beautiful finished choppers! The best part and often seen as the real secret sauce of the show, everything that happened was real and none of it was scripted! The actions, arguments and problems that happened on camera actually affected the company and the family in real life. Since it’s success many other reality shows have tried to emulate this, but few have seen the success levels as American Chopper has.