The 50 Most Ludicrously Rich Pastors In The World

Religion is big business and is in fact one of the most profitable organizations in the world. With advertising, book publications, church renovations, etc, billions of dollars a year are spent on religion related things.

Various religions all around the world are gaining new followers daily and we have actually reached the highest religious population ever.

As a result of  ever-growing religious congregations, followers put their trust in their ministers, priests, pastors, etc and some of those religious leaders have become not only renowned for what they do, but incredibly wealthy as well.

The amount of money these people are earning is well and truly shocking and you won’t believe how much the highest earning pastor is worth.

Bill Moyers – $1 Million


He began his career in journalism  and went onto secure work as a television editor, but in 1959 he went on to become an ordained Baptist minister. He has given a handful of sermons but is best recognised mainly as a pioneer in freedom of the press and public broadcasting.

Richard Rossi – $1 Million



Rossi became a born again Christian after a drug overdose, he went on to marry his college sweetheart and open his first church in 1984. After his wife was found dead, he was the prime suspect. Evidence was found for both his guilt and innocence and the trial ended in a hung jury. His reputation was in tatters, resulting in him moving to LA to make a fresh start.