Superstars Of The Small Screen: What Happened To Your Favorite TV Commercial Actors

In 2015 it was reported that there were over 115 million home TVs in the United States. It is arguably the most powerful source of marketing for companies, hence why our shows and programmes are interrupted with countless commercials.

Commercials are meant to be catchy, with a tune or phrase usually the way to go, or even a returning actor regularly featured in the 30 second clip. Many actors, including Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt started out in TV advertising.

So we’ve collected the most loved commercials of all time and found out what happened to some of our favourite commercial characters and the actors who played them.


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Jodie Foster’s long and successful career in acting started when she was just three years old with a role as the ‘Coppertone Girl’. She then went on to feature in a number of commercials as a child actor, including one for the GAF Viewfinder.

Her big film debut came in Taxi Driver which helped skyrocket her career!

Dos Equis Beer Commercial

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Many people will recognise this commercial not because they remember it being on TV, but because of all the internet memes that have been created from it. Jonathan Goldsmith’s wife and manager told producers that her man was a lot more suited to ‘the most interesting man in the world’ image they wanted.

Thanks to the surge in internet memes, Goldsmith rose to fame and everyone knows who Dos Equis beer are.