The Incredible Story Of Muscle Barbie: The Doll Faced Bodybuilder

For some reason or another there seems to be a stigma around bodybuilding, it is that only men can look good with an insane muscular physique. There is also a misconception that women who have huge muscles and can out lift men, can’t be pretty or ‘girly’

With that in mind, meet Julia Vins a 21-year-old girl from a small town in Russia who thanks to her incredible training and gorgeous face has recently been given the nickname, “Muscle Barbie.”

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By looking at some of her photos you can understand why people have been quick to give her that nickname. But how has she managed to become such an internet sensation, but more importantly how does she get that physique?

Find out in this article how she has completed an incredible transformation.

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Starting Young

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Born in Engels, Russia, Julia was just 15 years old, Julia started going to the gym with the pure intention of keeping fit, but after meeting a trainer who was convinced of her potential, she decided to give powerlifting a go.