The Real Life Love Lives Of The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory first appeared on our screens back in 2007. The story of a group of geeky science nerds was a smash hit from the start, and is now in its eleventh season on the CBS network.

On the show, the gawky, awkward characters quite often get the gorgeous girls, which blasts apart the stereotype many people have in their heads when they think about science nerds.

But how have the cast of the hit show fared when it comes to romance in real life? Let’s take a look …

Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert

E! Online

Galecki plays physicist Leonard on The Big Bang Theory. In real life, the actor has dated a long list of ladies over the years. In 1992, he dated Sara Gilbert, who was then starring in the smash hit ABC sitcom, Roseanne. The two briefly dated after Galecki appeared on the show, but it wasn’t to last when Gilbert revealed she preferred the ladies to the gents!

Mayim Bialik and Michael Stone


Bialik plays neurobiologist Amy Fowler on the show. The actress played Sheldon’s love interest on The Big Bang Theory. In real life, she was married to Michael Stone from 2003 to 2012. Though now divorced, the couple have stayed on friendly terms, raising their two boys together.