The World’s Most Beautiful Redheads

As well as all of the blonde and brunette beauties of the world, redheaded celebrities need as much recognition too!

From their deep auburn locks to their typically fair complexions, we can all vouch for the fact that redheads are simply striking.

So, lets take a look at all of the famous faces that are rocking red hair…

1. Ellie Kemper

image source: Celeb Mafia

This adorable redhead had all of us fall in love with her when she starred in The Office and now that she has her own show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – we get to see even more of the funny gal.

2. Poppy Montgomery

image source: Pinterest

This Aussie actress went from NYPD Blue to starring as Marilyn Monroe in a miniseries. She now stars in Unforgettable.