20 ‘Criminal Minds’ Secrets That Producers Didn’t Want You To Know

The CBS hit show Criminal Minds flew onto our screens in 2005 and has seen monumental success around the world.

And while the show delves into dramatic criminal cases with great knowledge, there are definitely a few behind the scenes secrets that they have kept hidden behind closed doors.

To find out about the mysteries and scandals on set of Criminal Minds, check out the gallery below…

Shemar Moore Was Robbed By His Co-Star

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Derek Morgan actor Shemar Moore worked alongside guest actor Keith Tisdell – the two became such good friends that Morgan asked Tisdell if he wanted to work at his business Baby Girl Inc. which donated a percentage of it’s profits to an MS charity. Even though the pair had bonded, it didn’t stop Tisdell stealing a whopping $60,000 from the organisation! Luckily, it was all traceable in court and the actor had to pay every penny of it back – we can’t vouch for their friendship anymore though…

Two Of The Actresses Were Treated Rather Badly

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In 2010, CBS made the decision to fire A.J Cook and cut Paget Brewster’s screen time on the show. Their co-stars, fans and fellow actors from around the globe were so angry that they decided to form a petition which the likes of Helen Mirren even signed!