The Bachelor Couples: Where Are They Now?

Since it’s debut in 2002, The Bachelor has produced some of the most unforgettable moments in reality TV. The premise of the show is that one eligible bachelor enters a mansion filled with over two dozen admirers, who then compete to win his heart. Everyone can deny that they enjoy watching it, but just know that they are all lying.

We are able to watch the contestants journey unraveling, as they take part in romantic dates which will hopefully ultimately end in a proposal at the end of the series.

Among all of the drama, cat-fights, backstabbing and antagonists, The Bachelor has also been responsible for a growing number of engagements and marriages over the years (we won’t talk about the breakups and broken hearts).

So, since the cameras have stopped rolling, we’ve checked out where the show’s most memorable couples have got to.

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Jason Mesnick And Molly Malaney

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Jason Mesnick initially set out to find love on spinoff The Bachelorette, where unfortunately he wasn’t lucky enough to bag a girl. He then went on to headline the thirteenth season of The Bachelor, where he earned a not-s0-nice name for himself.

However, in the final episode he asked former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Melissa Rycroft for her hand in marriage. Everything seemed to be hunky-dory for the couple, and viewers were excited to hear about how their relationship had progressed since filming. Unfortunately, it unraveled that Mesnick had unexpectedly dumped Melissa in front of a live audience, and millions of viewers on an episode of After The Final Rose. 

As if that heartbreak wasn’t enough for Melissa, Mesnick then went on to tell her that he liked one of the other contestants on the show, eventually going on to propose to her. The new couple went on to get married and later welcomed a daughter into the world in 2013.