What Happened To The Girls Of Two And A Half Men?

It’s the show that divides opinion, you either loved it or you absolutely hated it! Two and A Half Men was on our screens for 12 years with 12 seasons an incredible 262 episodes!

During those years it seemed the show was never out of the news, especially when lead actor Charlie Sheen famously fell out with the writer and was unceremoniously written off the show in 2011.

Charlie’s character was one hell of a ladies and, and one thing that was a constant during the 12 years was the number beautiful women on the show.

But after the show was cancelled in 2015, what are the cast doing now? Find out here.

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Marin Hinkle – Judith Harper-Melnick

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Alan’s ex-wife Judith was played by Marin Hinkle and was one of the show’s longest running characters. Judith spent most the series’ hating Alan for their divorce while also enjoying spending his alimony money. Later on, she remarried her son’s paediatrician Dr. Herb Melnick.