Twenty Children Of Celebrities Who Look Exactly Like Their Famous Parents

It’s often the case that children follow in their father’s and mother’s footsteps, often choosing the same professions as their parents. The same is true for celebrities, whose children often grow up to be actors, musicians, reality stars and artists in their own right. Sometimes, these children look uncannily like their famous parents, leading to the odd double-take, especially if the famous person has passed away. Here are twenty children of celebrities who look exactly like their famous parents.

Arabella Rose Kushner & Ivanka Trump


First Daughter Ivanka Trump bore an uncanny resemblance to her daughter Arabella Rose when she was a girl. Married to millionaire Jared Kushner, Ivanka is making quite a name for herself on the international scene as an adviser to her father Donald, who really needs no introduction. No news yet on whether little Arabella Rose will follow her mother and grandfather into politics, but we wouldn’t rule it out.

Rumer Willis & Bruce Willis

Healthy George

Looking uncannily like her father did back when he was a young man – as well as picking up some of her mother Demi Moore’s good looks – it came as no surprise that Rumer Willis decided to pursue an acting career like her famous parents did. She had some success appearing in supporting roles in TV shows and in movies before landing the role as Tory Ash in the hip-hop TV drama, Empire.