WWE Wives And The Wrestlers Who Are Lucky To Have Them

Every WWE fan no doubt has their all-time favourite wrestling pro picked out, but do they know about their amazing wives?

These famous wrestlers have picked their women for good reason, and they’ve turned out to be the ultimate definition of a ‘power couple’.

Here are the best WWE wives and their huge partners.

Sable (AKA Rena Lesnar)

image source: Fitness Pulse

Sable was one of the first WWE Divas, meaning she’s built herself quite the reputation. She is a classic WWE wife thanks to her blonde hair and fierce moves. She didn’t have to look far when looking for a partner in crime.

Sable And Brock Lesnar

image source: Hooch

She is married to fellow wrestler, Brock Lesnar. He is ten years younger than her but this doesn’t get in the way of their relationship. Although she is now retired, she is still known by her show name “Sable” as well as her real name, Rena Lesnar. She may be pushing 50, but no matter what her age she’ll always be considered sexy.