20 Hilarious Airport Fails That Prove You Should Always Go By Train

The airport can be a frustrating place at the best of times. Enormous queues, endless security checks, delays, cancellations, lost luggage … the list goes on and on . If something’s going to go wrong, it’s going to go wrong in an airport. Here are twenty hilarious airport fails that will have you laughing out loud … and might just make you consider taking the train next time. Bon voyage!

Suck It Up

Aviation Humor

It’s a pretty obvious rule of thumb. Check there’s nothing in front of the engine before turning on the massive turbine that acts like an enormous vacuum cleaner. Simple! This pilot clearly didn’t heed the warning, and this is the result. Don’t worry though, passenger jet engines are probably really cheap to replace. Probably.

It’s Certainly A Bold Look!


Pink bag? Check! Pink boots? Check! Pink outfit? Check! Pink hat? Check! This guy clearly doesn’t care that he stands out from the crowd at the airport. Of course, standing out from the crowd in a maximum security environment full of heavily-armed men and women on high alert looking for anything unusual might not be the most sensible idea. Still, at least he’ll look FABULOUS when he’s being strip-searched!