70 Years On From Her Husband’s Disappearance, This Heartbroken Wife Discovers The Astonishing Truth

Peggy Harris married the love of her life, Billie, almost seven decades ago. But after just six weeks of marriage, Billie suddenly disappeared and cut their love story short.

The thought of never seeing her husband again was terrifying for Peggy, but she knew there had to be more to his disappearance than first met the eye.

70 years later, the heartbroken wife learned the surprising truth about what really happened to Billie all those years ago.


1. From the beginning

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Peggy was born in Vernon, Texas, in the 1920s. Shortly after her 18th birthday, she became an electrical instrument mechanic at the Atlus Oklahoma Air Force Base. She went on to meet Billie through his father who was the assistant supervisor at the same base. After getting to know Peggy, Billie’s father was certain she would get along with his son and he was definitely right. 

2. Not like the other girls

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It soon became clear to Billie that Peggy was not like other girls. At the time, it was unusual for women to draft in the army and she was the only female mechanic at that particular base. Regardless of people’s opinions, Peggy was always one to stand her ground and follow her heart. She was kind as well as beautiful.