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Net Worth: $70 million

D.O.B: 15/04/1990

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By the age of 26, Emma Watson became one of the highest paid actresses in the world. Making her film debut as a child actress in the hugely successful 'Harry Potter' franchise, Watson has gone on to have a huge career as a model, actress and activist. Her role as Hermione Granger in all eight of the Potter films has led to her becoming a national treasure. She's split her time between her career and education, graduating from Brown University with a degree in English Literature in 2014.


Emma was born in Paris, France to her parents Chris Watson and Jacqueline Luesby, who were both British lawyers. Alex, her brother, was born three years later. She is a British citizen but lived in France until the age of five, when her family returned to England. The same year, her parents got divorced and she moved back to Oxfordshire in England with her mother and brother. She went to The Dragon School, a renowned preparatory school in Oxford, between September 1995 and July 2001. From the age of six, Emma wanted to be an actress. Her natural instinct for acting first came out when she won a poetry competition for reciting James Reeves’ “The Sea” at age 7. For years, she trained at the Oxford branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts, a part-time theater school where she studied singing, dancing and acting.

Emma was just nine years old when casting agents traveled to different schools in England to audition for the roles of Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone movie. She had never acted professionally but her drama teacher at the time recommended Emma to the casting agents. Watson auditioned eight times for the role that would make her an international star. The casting agents saw the same potential and shortlisted her for the role. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was deeply involved in the movie process and wanted Watson to play Hermione from her first screen test. Producer David Heyman selected Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma for the roles of Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, and Ron Weasley.

She had performed and taken the lead roles in many Stagecoach productions and school plays by the time she was ten years old. Emma enrolled in The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts for a Shakespeare course in 2008. Maintaining her commitment to her education, Watson enrolled as a freshman at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island in the fall of 2009. Watson said she chose an American university over a British education because the American system allows students to study many subjects at once. She graduated on May 25, 2014 from Brown University with a degree in English Literature.


At the age of 10, she began filming her first role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  She grew up in her acting role as Hermione Granger, throughout the entire course of the movie series. Her talent and commitment have pushed her to be a superstar.

On releasing Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the movie broke many records. Emma’s performance in the film won her critical acclaim from movie bigwigs all over the world. She became one of the most well-known actresses in the world.

 In 2007 Emma Watson starred in another film based on a children’s novel, Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield. By July 2007, Watson’s roles in the Harry Potter series had earned her over £10 million which she acknowledge that she would never have to work for money again.

In 2008, Watson went into animation work, voicing the character of Princess Pea in The Tale of Despereaux. In March 2009, she was 6th on the Forbes list of “Most Valuable Young Stars”, and in February 2010, she emerged as Hollywood’s highest paid female star, having earned an estimated £19 million in 2009. The Harry Potter film won the BAFTA for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema in February 2011

She was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the ‘Highest Grossing Actress of the Decade’. Her film work over the past years has gained over 5.4 billion dollars worldwide. In 2012, Emma got honored with the Calvin Klein Emerging Star Award at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards. In 2013, Emma starred in Sofia Coppola’s comedy crime film, The Bling Ring. This movie took inspiration from real events and followed a group of teenagers obsessed with fashion and fame, who burgled the homes of celebrities in Los Angeles. She also appeared in a film role as herself in Seth Rogen’s apocalypse comedy This Is the End. Later she was awarded the Trailblazer Award at the MTV Movie Awards in April. Emma received an honor for the GQ Woman of the Year Award at the GQ Awards in September.

She remained to play the role of Hermione Granger for over ten years, in all of the Harry Potter films up until 2011. Through Harry Potter movies the Prisoner of Azkaban and the Goblet of Fire, Emma won two Critics’ Choice Award nominations from the Broadcast Film Critics Association. The seventh and eighth movies of Harry Potter saw her nominated for Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award in 2011 for, and for Best Actress at the Jameson Empire Awards. During an interview, she said that she’d like to work with directors Alfonso Cuarón and Guillermo Del Toro. Emma is currently the Goodwill Ambassador for the UN, promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women. She launched the ‘HeForShe’ UN Women campaign in 2014 asking men to advocate for gender equality as well as women.

In February 2016, Watson announced she was taking a year-long break from acting. Emma planned to spend the time on her “personal development” and her women’s rights work.

She is due to return to the screen in 2017 in the live-action remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Modeling & Fashion:

In 2005, Watson began her modeling career. It started with a photoshoot for Teen Vogue and was the youngest star to grace its cover. The photoshoot gave her a platform for endorsements. Three years later, the British press reported the replacement of Keira Knightley by Watson as the face of the fashion house Chanel. Both parties immediately denied the rumor.

In June 2009, following several months of talks, Watson announced she would partner with Burberry for their Autumn/Winter 2009 campaign. In September the same year, she announced her involvement with People Tree, a Fair Trade fashion brand. The People Tree is a fashion label that promotes fair trade. She was ranked number 6 on MSN’s list of ‘Best Dressed Stars of 2009’. Emma later appeared in Burberry’s 2010 Spring/Summer campaign with her brother Alex. alongside them were musicians George Craig and Matt Gilmour, and model Max Hurd. Watson worked as a creative advisor for People Tree to create a spring line of clothing, released in February 2010. The clothing line featured a variety of styles inspired by southern France and London. The collection got publicity in magazines such as Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and People but Watson received no money for the collaboration. She agreed that competition for the range was minimal. Emma argued that fashion is a great way to empower people and give them skills. She explained that youths became more aware of humanitarian issues surrounding fast fashion, but there are limited options.

She continued her involvement with People Tree, resulting in the release of a 2010 Autumn/Winter collection. Watson was awarded the Style Icon award in February 2011 from British Elle by Dame Vivienne Westwood. She continued her involvement in fashion advertising when she announced her selection as the face of Lancôme in March 2011.Watson was awarded the Best British Style at the 2014 British Fashion Awards. This competition involved David Beckham, Amal Clooney, Kate Moss and Keira Knightley.


She became the youngest individual to appear on the cover of Teen Vogue magazine at the age of fifteen. The year 2007 saw her fame grow to higher limits with endorsements and ranks following her. She was number 15 on Forbes List of The 20 Top-Earning Young Superstars and number 97 on Forbes List of The Celebrity 100 estimating her earnings for the year at $4 million. The Empire Magazine ranked her at number 26 on the list of top 100 sexiest movie stars. The Yahoo List of the 10 Most Popular Stars of 2007 showed as being number 3. Emma Watson started a feminist Good Reads book club in January 2016. The goal of the club is to share feminist ideas and encourage discussion on the topic. One book is selected per month and discussed in the last week of that month. Women from all walks of life appreciate Emma Watson’s outstanding and committed work to end gender issues. She did these through speeches in different forums which changed the mindsets of many.


Watson has a height of 5′ 55″ and was nicknamed “Em” during her childhood days. She met her fellow Oxford student Will Adanowicz and started dating in 2011, during her first year at the University. WillAdanowicz, later on, accompanied her to the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, where she received the Trailblazer Award. The two lovers split up in early 2014. Later that year, Watson began dating Oxford rugby player Matthew Janney, but their relationship ended in November. Watson’s spokesman said the split was due to her “unrelenting work schedule.”

While working on the film Noah, when questioned about her faith, she described herself as a spiritual Universalist. She is a lover of pets and has two cats; one named Bubbles and the other is called Domino. Her hobbies include playing field hockey, netball and tennis (for school and local teams), skiing, painting, cooking, singing, and dancing. She is named after her paternal grandmother, born Freda Emma Duerre who, after marriage, became Freda Emma Duerre Watson. She got eight A* and two A passes in her GCSEs (exams English school pupils take in her last compulsory year of secondary education (has twice competed with her school in Rock Challenge 2006 and 2007. She has kept a detailed log of her everyday life activities since the start of her film career, as many as 30 journals in total. She passed her driving test in the US in 2008 and drives a Toyota Prius.

Her parents divorced in 1995, and each parent has since gotten into another marriage. To her father’s side, she has a young half-brother named Toby (2003) and twin half-sisters Lucy and Nina who were born in 2004. Her two twin half sisters played the younger version of her character Pauline in Ballet Shoes (2007). From her mother’s remarriage, she also has two stepbrothers. Watson has been best of friends with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint after practically growing up with them on the Harry Potter set. She calls them her ‘brothers.’ Emma was offered the titled lead in Cinderella but turned it down.

In 2008, Boy Destiny wrote and sang the song “You Got Me Going,” also known as The Emma Watson Song. Emma’s favorite actors and singers include Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe, Justin Timberlake and Alanis Morissette respectively. She once stated that since her audition at age nine the hectic, educational experience consumed over half her life. She likes men with quick wit, good conversation and a great sense of humor. She wants a man who will like her for who she is. Watson worked closely with the organic and fair trade pioneer People Tree.

Emma is the former roommate and current best friend of America’s Next Top Model (2003) Cycle 18 winner, Sophie Sumner. She once said that she would not date people who are famous.