Aziz Ansari Calls Trump The ‘Chris Brown Of Politics’ – The R&B Star Fights Back

Comedian Aziz Ansari turned his attention to Trump’s election on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, dissing Chris Brown in the process.

During his opening monologue on the hit entertainment show, Ansari’s main topic was of course Donald Trump being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

He mentioned that everyone should think twice before branding Trump voters ‘racist and misogynist’, and that there may be understandable reasons as to why someone may have supported the controversial President.

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But it’s Ansari’s inclusion of rapper and singer Chris Brown that has made social media headlines.

I’m sure there’s some people that have different political priorities. I’m sure there’s some people that voted for him with reservations. I’m sure there’s a lot of people that voted for Trump the same way a lot of people listen to the music of Chris Brown.

He then went on to explain his comparison of the 70-year old politician to the 27-year old music star, saying,

It’s like, ‘Hey man, I’m just here for the tunes. I don’t know about that other stuff. I just like the dancing and the music. I don’t condone the extracurriculars’.

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The Parks and Recreation star then deemed Trump ‘the Chris Brown of politics’, which the R&B icon isn’t happy about.

Chris Brown took to Instagram to hit back at Ansari’s comments, with the bad boy star saying, ‘somebody tell Aladdin to hop off my d***’, underneath an image of the story in headline news.

Brown hasn’t taken Aziz’s supposed dig at his domestic abuse towards Rihanna lightly.

Fans were outraged at the singer’s caption on his post, calling his comparison of Aziz Ansari to Aladdin ‘disrespectful’.

Others told him to stop revelling in the drama and that it was clearly ‘just a joke’.

Aside from his comedic twist on the new President, Ansari did point out that the main thing is ‘we’re all Americans’ and we should ‘treat each other with respect’.

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He then had some last words of advice for Trump himself.

Don’t tweet about me being lame or the show being lame. Write a speech. A real speech. Because these people [the lowercase kkk] are out there and it’s pissing people off. And I think he could make a difference.

Watch Ansari’s full SNL speech below: