Niall Horan Confirms A ‘One Direction’ Reunion Will Definitely Happen

Former One Direction member Niall Horan has confirmed in a recent interview that the reunion of the decade’s most popular boy band is definitely still on the cards.

Appearing on Nova’s Smallzy Surgery on February 14, Horan told host Kent ‘Smallazy’ Small,

It will definitely happen, of course! As I’ve said many times, we’d be stupid not to.

Directioners will be pleased to know, that despite several rumours along the way, Niall and his former bandmates, Harry, Liam and Louis, will definitely reunite in the future.

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The Irish pop star, who has since pursued a solo career, went on to reminisce about when the band first got together on the UK version of The X Factor. 

‘It changed our lives, it was the biggest part of our lives.’

The four boys, along with former bandmate Zayn Malik who quit the group in 2015, got put together after the Bootcamp stages of the competition, even though they all entered as solo artists.

Niall released his acoustic single ‘This Town’ in September of last year and received a phenomenal reaction from his fans.

Speaking of its success, he said, ‘We just put it out to kind of let people know that I was actually doing something… I knew the song was good when I wrote it… but the reaction to it has been insane.’

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He’s not the only 1D member to be pursing a solo career.

Zayn has since released a debut album, reaching number one with hit single ‘Pillowtalk’. Liam has also been in the studio and is currently a daddy-to-be with girlfriend Cheryl, Louis has gone down the dance route and released ‘Just Hold On’ at the end of last year, and Harry has stepped into the acting world as well as recording a solo album that’s due for release in the next few months.

While it seems as though the boys are all happy going about their own business, Niall reassures their diehard fans that we haven’t seen the last of them yet.

It’s going to be good when it happens… when it happens I don’t know.

Watch part of the interview here: