Justin Bieber Is Facing Charges After Being Accused Of Assault

Justin Bieber has got into more trouble with the law; he’s now been named as a suspect in an assault investigation and is facing charges.

The ‘Love Yourself’ singer has been accused of assaulting a man in June 2016 shortly after the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals game.

The Canadian star, who was first spotted on YouTube, was allegedly involved in a dispute with another man outside his hotel after the basketball game. The victim has now filed a report against Bieber for supposedly assaulting him.

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TMZ has reported that Justin was physically violent towards the man and belted his sunglasses off his face after he had preceded to take a picture of the world famous pop star.

Justin’s entourage were then said to get involved in the altercation, and the unnamed man was left hospitalised with concussion.

The man is said to be much bigger than Bieber, with an onlooker catching a snippet of the bust up on video.

For the previous eight months, the victim has been trying to settle things outside of court with the chart-topping artist, but admits that Justin ‘wouldn’t play ball’.


The police are now running an ongoing investigation into what really happened, but as of yet neither Bieber or any of his team have been charged.

However, this isn’t the first time the bad boy singer has been accused of being violent towards fans, paparazzi and other members of the public.

In December of last year, Bieber faced charges in court after he supposedly ordered for a photographer to be beaten up in Argentina. The pap was pushed to the ground under Bieber’s orders, as well as all his equipment and money being stolen.

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This case is yet to be resolved, and until then Justin is banned from travelling to Argentina.

In May of last year, Bieber announced he would no longer be posing for photographs with fans after the experience has left him feeling like a ‘zoo animal’.

The ‘Never Say Never’ star deleted his Instagram account in August 2016 after the crazy attention his new relationship with Sofia Richie received, only for him to rejoin the social media platform earlier this year.